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Bar Bending Works Services in Hyderabad

Preparation of Reinforcement Bar Bending Schedules for RCC work at construction sites is the most tedious and time-consuming task. The shape of each and every bar is to be derived exactly for cutting. With increasing cost of steel, it has become necessary to minimize the wastage. Bar-Be-Que software takes care of all these aspects. Bar-Be-Que not only have a standalone option for Manual data entry of each bar, but it can also read the Rebar details from CAD drawings directly. It generates Bar Bending Schedule Drawings as per IS & BS codes with Diameters wise break up of Rebar Quantities. As a Steelworker, you must be able to cut, bend, place, and tie reinforcing steel. This chapter describes the purpose of reinforcing steel in concrete construction, the types and shapes of reinforcing steel commonly used, and the techniques and tools used by Steelworkers in rebar (reinforcing steel) work. This chapter begins with a presentation of fundamental information about concrete to help you understand rebar work fully.

Benefits of bar bending works:
  • Bar bending also avoids the wastage of steel reinforcement (5 to 10%) and thus saves project cost.
  • It allows easy and fast preparation of bills of construction works for customers and contractors
  • It provides standards for quantity and quality requirements for reinforcement and concrete works.
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