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Tremix Flooring Contractors in Hyderabad

We are leading service providers for Vacuum dewatered flooring (VDF) or Tremix Flooring & IPS Flooring. Various Floors in industries, warehouses and factories has extensive application of concrete which is useful flooring and has been in use for a long time. To mitigate the normal issues you face with concrete, a system was devised to develop the properties of concrete floors. This system is called Vacuum Dewatered Floors (VDF) or Tremix Flooring.

Vacuum dewatering flooring is used in flooring construction of factory, Cellar Parking, Concrete Roads, bus terminals, platforms or industrial workspace is subject to high volumes of Machinery, Vehicles, foot traffic and extraordinary temperatures, which requires Expert Consultation and Professional Analysis from the part of the Structural Designers and we stands out in this segment with its Flooring Expertise and ensures that your floorings are capable of meeting these high demands.

A high quality concrete floor or pavement requires not only to be level but it should also have high wear resistance, high compressive strength, reduced shrinkage and minimum water permeability.

With industrial Revolution all over the World, the floor construction has been one of the serious Concerns of Architect, Engineers and User, high compressive strength minimum water permeability and should minimized dusting at bare minimum cost.

Advantages of Tremix flooring or Vacuum dewatered flooring over the conventional flooring:
  • Increase in the compressive strength by 40 - 70% (higher increase is at the top surface)
  • Increase in Wear Resistance by 100 - 150%.
  • Shrinkage of Vacuum treated concrete will be reduced by about 150%.
  • Strength gain in Vacuum concrete is earlier than normal way thus earlier utilization is possible.
  • Remarkable increase in forest Resistance.
  • Reduced number of joints.
  • Less wear and tear of floor surface.
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