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False Ceiling Services in Hyderabad

A false ceiling is actually a secondary ceiling that hangs below the main ceiling to increase the interior beauty of the room. It is widely used in living space and dining room. There should be approximately about 1feet distance between the false ceiling and the primary ceiling. The false ceiling should have at least a height of 8 ½ feet from the floor level. False ceiling material is fixed either hanging from the primary ceiling or between the frames connecting walls and panels. The false ceiling should be constructed in accordance with the height of the beam and AC duct. It can also be constructed at different levels in places where there is no beam or duct.

  • False ceiling is used to conceal the air condition and electrical appliances and the faults in plastering.
  • It has an unavoidable aesthetic function. False ceiling increases the interior beauty of the room. Earlier only the walls and floors of a room were given prominence in the interior decoration. Now as the trend of highlighting the designs of the upper part of the room is in vogue, false ceiling is widely used for this effect.
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